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Lumen’s design runs to Space

Here in Lumen, we all agree that the restyling of Velkopopovicky Kozel is one of our best projects. Kozel is the most successful Czech beer sold abroad, and you could easily find it in bars of Eastern Europe, or even in some pubs in the UK.

According to the Euromonitor International research agency, in 2011 Kozel has been the N° 1 beer in the world in term of market growth and sales. But conquering the world wasn’t enough, they also wanted to conquer the space.

Kozel then instructed Aleksandr ‘russos’ Popov and Den ‘netwind’ Efremov, two amateur russian explorers with the hobby of launching weather ballons in the upper atmosphere, to accomplish the mission: send the Kozel beer into space – or more likely, to the stratosphere. To make this unusual experiment more interesting, it has been arranged a competition between the light and the dark versions of the beer: which one would reach the highest altitude?

Of course the mission didn’t have only an experimental purpose, but also a promotional one: the launch has been supported by a campaign for the Russian market both on a dedicated website and the social media. With the promise of a year-long beer supply, users were asked to vote which type of beer would reach the highest height – however, voting wasn’t enough: to get eligible to win the prize, every user had to “bet themselves”: in case their beer bet is winning, they have to perform something; the more this performance is considered interesting/ridiculous, the more votes by other users/friends it can get; the more votes it gets, the higher the chances of winning the final prize are. A simple ‘social mechanism’, but very effective for the viral spread of the news.

Eventually, the winner of the race has been the dark beer, which reached the respectable height of 21,750 m., while the light beer stopped at 20,180 m.

Honestly speaking, when we designed Kozel bottles and cans, we expected to see them on the pub’s desks, or houses’ tables, but we would have never imagined to see our favourite goat reach even the stratosphere.

You can also watch the spectacular full video of the mission here on YouTube, or -if you know Russian- you can read Popov’s post on his Livejournal with pictures of the making-of.

So long, guys!


The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts

Long time we haven’t been writing on our blog. Time’s passing, we’ve been busy with our latest works (which we cannot reveal due to undisclosure agreements signed with our clients), and summer came almost all of a sudden.

Since together with summer came also some calm and relief, we use this occasion to give more space on this blog to our designers and some traits of their personal life. This time we want to talk about Alberto, senior designer for the Corporate division, and his long time passion for Guzzi motorbikes and endurance races.

For those who don’t know, Moto Guzzi is a small motorcycle manufacturer from Mandello del Lario, Italy, with a long and successful history, and a very heterogeneous group of fans all over the world. For some more informations, its article on Wikipedia shows a detailed history of the company and its most famous models.

Alberto’s passion didn’t go unnoticed here in the agency: for the latest race in the Vallelunga Circuit, near Rome, Lumen decided to sponsor ‘Orfeo’ and ‘Brigida’, the bikes that Alberto and his team use for racing. Not a big thing, right – but it’s a start, and a way to thank Alberto for how good he’s doing in the company, a token of our appreciation.

Brigida & Alberto

Left: Orfeo waiting for set up – Right: Alberto racing with Brigida

Alberto’s team is part of a bigger community, called Anima Guzzista, composed by ~400 of Moto Guzzi aficionados. They’re not a bikers’ club, nor an élite group, but just people who want to have fun and share a mutual passion. They have a website and a forum where they can share their experiences, their advices and can introduce new fans to the fascinating Guzzi world. Nonetheless, they also gifted to the city of Mandello del Lario the only existing monument of Carlo Guzzi, founder and inspirer of Moto Guzzi. Not bad for a motorclub!

What’s remarkable is that Alberto and his team don’t really mind of winning or losing: “it’s something else, it’s challenging yourself, reaching and passing your own limits, your fears. It’s also about bonding with the teammates and friends while facing an endurance race which can last up to hours and hundreds of miles. It’s fun and friendship. And at the end, you realize that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts”.

Way to go, guys!

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